The future of organizational consulting

Here is an outstanding summary of the basic concepts and recent history of network analysis, with examples ranging widely (teams, social networks, firms, industries, economies, etc.), authored by CA Hidalgo, an associate professor at MIT’s Media Lab.  Full text here, and other papers here.

After reading it through, I’m left hungry for more intuitive user-friendly tools for capturing and visualizing networks.  The consulting industry needs a network viz tool that links up with (or gets embedded in!) PowerPoint and other slide production software as seamlessly as think-cell.  Such technology would be particularly valuable in large-scale institutional re-design projects in the public sector (all the more so insofar as they concern key public-private feedbacks in the policymaking process).

I wonder who’s up for the task… (?)

2 responses to “The future of organizational consulting

  1. Hi, Jordan! You have an interesting blog. I just got done reading Hidalgo’s rather lengthy piece on “Value in the Links”, and I can see why this network analysis would be a hot topic to you in your line of work as a global consultant. It is fascinating to think that an organization, or government, or company could actually improve itself through studying this stuff. I must admit that I was a bit bogged down on all the mathematics, but to get beyond that and really see the network science involved and how this could lead to generating prosperity is amazing. Just ask Andrew in his line of work with web development and the social media. So now, I guess I’ve got to kick-start my “superorganism” to generate a little activity around here! Adapt, co-exist, evolve. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?!

  2. You know Bo did network visualization tools at a job a while ago, right?

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